When the text from Joe Biden’s campaign flashed on her phone Tuesday afternoon, Dahlia Walker-Huntington said she screamed and kept screaming Kamala Harris’ name until her cockapoo, Tuxedo, began howling along.

It not just that Harris is also a Black woman. Or that she’s also a lawyer.
Walker-Huntington is among the legions of Jamaican immigrants in Florida, for whom the California senator’s multi-hyphenated background is a source of pride. If elected, Harris — the daughter of two immigrants — would become the nation’s first Black vice president, the first female vice president, the first Indian-American and the first Jamaican-American to ascend to the office.
Harris’ Jamaican-born father, Donald Harris, is an economist and professor emeritus at Stanford University; her late mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, was a breast cancer researcher born in India.



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